One of my best buys this season

My white H & M slip-on shoes with a stripey wrap skirt

During my large decluttering project, all my worn ballet pumps were despatched to recycling, and I was on the hunt for slip-on shoes. H&M has been a surprising source of some of my favourite shoes, like the white ones below.

I tend to go cheap for light-coloured shoes because they quickly start to get scuffed and marked. Generally after one or two seasons, I replace them.

When I found the ones below ($10 at H & M) I thought twice about buying them, because slip-on white shoes can look so wrong. But they were so comfortable. As I was paying for them, the cashier said she loved them and was going to get a pair for herself. As I left she went and took the last pair in my size, scuppering my chances of maybe buying a second pair.

Having worn them for about two months now, I love them so much I went in today to see if they had more. They did, and I got the last pair in my size. The woman in the queue behind me asked where I found them as she had also been looking for some in that style. I am really glad I found another pair because that will prevent me from having to hunt for more when these ones need replacing.

The pair on the right has been worn and wiped clean for two months. The pair on the left is new.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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