Hobonichi Weeks Mega working hard in my VDS Janet Leather Undyed Codex

My decluttering project is still going great guns and my VDS Janet Leather undyed Mega Codex is doing daily duty for my

  • to do lists,
  • bookings of pick up/drop off/auction times
  • totals of money I have made
  • lists of toiletries finished
  • wish lists

My Hobonichi Mega Weeks is looking more lived in. I keep tags from all my bags, more expensive clothes etc so I can send them along when I sell them. They often contain the model name, original price, information about the item/company, and spare buttons, so I think it is a nice touch. I also had a sticker from a t shirt I sold and I whacked it on the front page.

The cover is darkening a little but not as much as I thought, probably because I don’t carry it with me very often. I am trying to reduce my daily carry because of my shoulder problems.

I did a mock up of how I am hoping it will look by the end of the year!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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