Fjällräven Kånken Samlaren

I have written about Fjällräven Kånken backpacks and bags several times now – about the Swedish phenomenon that is the Kånken, the Acne x Fjällräven collaboration, and the sling Kånken. There are many iterations of this classic – leather straps, pride straps, pure white ‘save the Arctic fox’ ones (fjällräven means Arctic fox), totepacks (a cross between a tote bag and a backpack).

Kånken Totepack

One of my very favourite iterations is the Samlaren (The Collector), which has a myriad of pockets on the exterior. This has great appeal for me as a journaler and teacher. The little pockets could hold pens, rulers, glasses, and stickers.

Limited edition, special version of Kånken. Part of the Samlaren series made from leftover fabric from Fjällräven’s mills and factories carefully combined in unique designs. Samlaren Kånken is slightly larger and has padded shoulder straps and several pockets – open, zippered and with buttons. Otherwise it has the same timeless functionality as the original, with a spacious main compartment that has a seat pad stowed in the back inside pocket.


My best suitcase of all time is my Samsonite Expandable Fashion Thallo Spinner Cabin Bag. It has pockets on the outside which are absolutely indispensable. I have used it when I travelled for work (held my pens, stapler, tape, glue, rulers, cables), and on holiday. My husband uses it when he travels as well. It is about 8 years old and has lasted so well.  If the Kånken Samlaren pockets are half as useful, it would be a great addition to a functional wardrobe.

Author: Janet Carr

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