Garnet and carnelian rings

One of my favourite rings of all time is this beauty from MinxyVintage on Etsy. It is a 9ct gold and faceted garnet ring from about the 1970s, which I wear almost constantly. I have had compliments on it, and a couple of people thought it was a ruby.

I have been looking for a big red cabochon garnet ring in more or less the same style for ages. Garnets are becoming more popular these days so they are getting harder to find and the prices are rising. Many of them are very very dark and so do not sparkle or even glow, so ones that have colour are often snapped up very quickly.

I recently spotted this beauty at our local second hand store. It is 18ct gold and features a carnelian cabochon. Isn’t it glorious!

I bought it but then discovered that it was almost exactly like my garnet.

They were so alike that I returned the carnelian and will keep looking for a cabochon garnet with a setting in a different design. Something like this one from Secret Histories, which is spectacular.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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