A very strange day

Drinking coffee in the sun as though life were normal

I had a rather interesting day today.  And the weather was spectacular. A perfect crisp autumn day – green and gold with a very high sky.

Today was the opening of the Swedish Parliament. The opening was more ‘normal’ than last year, but still very scaled back, due to COVID. And it was my first teaching day in the Parliament for more than a year.

Normally, I have my timing down pat. I wake up two hours before I have to be anywhere, and I know how much time I have to feed the cats and myself, shower, do my hair and makeup, get to the bus etc. I have about 8 tried and tested outfits on full rotation and I do all my chores before I leave.

Today however, I was clueless. I didn’t know whether the outfit I had decided on would fit me. I had no clue when the bus would come or how the traffic would be. I had forgotten how to apply my makeup. I had everything laid out yesterday but actually getting out of the door in time was a problem. It felt weird wearing work shoes, I forgot where I left my bag, and I almost forgot my phone.

Once I was in the parliament though, it was as though the past year of working at home was way in the past. I have been working there for 21 years, so I know my way around and know everyone. I bounced back immediately.  It was just ready and getting to work that felt so weird.

I used my new Tretorn Wings Daypack which I really like. It is cheeful, comfortable, and fitted all my textbooks perfectly.

After work I had to get home quickly because we were having a digital lock installed on our front door – a Yale Doorman L3. We decided on this one, which has a camera, codes, and tags. This means that we do not need keys, and that we can create temporary codes for handymen, catsitters etc. We always have a bit of a faff with giving both our sets of keys to the cat sitters, who then have to be at home when we get back from our trip. This will do away with that.

I had to spend the evening yesterday downloading the app, figuring how to turn the voice off, and set all the codes!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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