Double notebooks

I have always been fascinated by double notebooks. I have double binders by Mulberry in black and tan. These would be great if you kept one personal and one professional planner. Or if you were working on two separate projects at work. The downside is that they are bulky and a bit confusing to flip around.

I also have this double notebook by Artisan Graham. I have used this one for travelling and it worked pretty well.

You do see others now and then, like this antique one

And Anna Hindmarch does a lovely – more simple – double notebook cover. I have unsuccessfully bid on a few of these on auction as Hindmarch is quite high priced new. I still really want one!

There is a seller on Etsy – xxxx – that does these 6-fold notebooks. SIX!

So the other day when I found these handmade, individually numbered, sewn notebooks with graph paper on one side and lined paper on the other, I had to buy one! I tend to use lined (notes) and graph paper (trackers) at the same time, but I usually have to buy two notebooks and keep them in different covers, or a traveler’s notebook. But this may be the solution. Unless the flip factor derails me. Will keep you posted!

The notebook is made by Els & Nel in The Netherlands.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. You could easily put two diary/schedule inserts into a single ring-bound planner, one at the front and the other, upside-down, at the back. Then flip the whole planner over as you swap between one and the other. A simple dashboard or divider could provide a barrier between the two. This would be less cumbersome than having the two sets of rings and thick interior cover.

  2. I have been using double notebooks to track my finance/insurance and also my customers for about 15 or 17 years.

    I mostly buy Design boom and Daycraft notebooks but I find many other brands in stationary shops. I have never ordered them online as they are easy to find in shops and the choice of covers and paper is huge.

    You’ll have to let us know what you think of them.

    1. Thank you for this Nathalie! Sadly they are few and far between where I live, but France always has a better selection of everything than most countries in the world!

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