Sweet Harley

Harley continues to bewitch us with his personality. He came to us by pure coincidence, about two weeks before Fluffy died.

This video was taken about 20 minutes after Harley arrived home. You can see Fluffy in the background. Fluffy was an epic cat – big and beautiful, and he loved people and animals. And he was not phased by Harley at all.

Harley is so much like Fluffy. He loves food and eats anything. He adores eating from your hand and is an explorer. He sleeps on the bed every night and loves people and the other cats. He loves napping on his back.

We are so grateful that he came to us as a 4th cat before Fluffy died, so that we know he is not a ‘replacement’.


and a bad photo of Fluffy and Harley sleeping together as they did every night before Fluffy died.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

3 thoughts

  1. Oh Janet, this video and the photos are beautiful! A very special keepsake for you both. I cannot believe how tiny Harley was! You can already see how fast he’s growing! I’ve been thinking of Ziggy – I hope he’s doing well?!

    1. Ziggy is doing way better now – he is not hiding away anymore and is joining us wherever we are in the house. He has also been playing with Harley again. I am so relieved!

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