Self-Care for 2021

Here is the preliminary setup of my Elrohir A5 Wide Cat Cover and Elrohir laminated inserts. At the back I have pencils, oliclips and stencils and other bits and bobs.

This is going to be my self-care journal for 2021. I need to start eating better and moving more after being a stress-eating couch potato for most of 2020.

I plan to record:

  • weight (I need to lose about 3kg)
  • measurements (I have an apple shape and this is not so good for the heart)
  • steps (I walk far less now that I am working from home)
  • my self-care list
  • wish list (clothes, accessories, beauty products)
  • trackers (vitamins, flossing, walking, water)

So far this year I have

  • had a mammogram (ouch)
  • booked a spa treatment with a friend (covid allowing)
  • made a dentist appointment.
  • made a dermatologist appointment to have a cortisone injection into an itchy operation scar. I have it done every couple of years.
  • booked an eye test

Now that I wear my hair tied back so much due to working from home, I have had three old holes in my right ear re-pierced, and I want another one reopened in my right ear. It allows for some tiny details without being overpowering. I scar easily so I always have it done with a needle rather than a gun. So that is also going onto a list.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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