A pet is for life, not just for COVID/Christmas

All around the world at the moment, more and more people are getting pets, primarily dogs. Local breeders in my area have long waiting lists, and many shelters have days when their cages are totally empty. During this pandemic, people who are lonely – or have had more time to devote to a pet now that they are working from home – have adopted pets. They are able to give these animals lots of love, time and exercise.

I just hope that people keep and continue to look after these pets if and when everything goes back to normal. Animals – particularly dogs – that have become used to having company all day will feel stress when they are suddenly alone or sent to daycare when their owners go back to their regular routines.

Shelters usually have problems just after Christmas and New Year when pets given as gifts are abandoned or surrendered. Usually these animals get too big, chew or claw things, need time and attention, cost too much, and are then surrendered to shelters, often with the reason given as ‘allergies’. This is obviously true in some cases, but not all. Having an animal is a huge responsibility. They rely 100% on you to feed and care for them. Veterinary bills can be exhorbitant, it is difficult to go away for holidays, you need to play with and walk dogs.

So I hope that everyone adopting animals during this time thinks long and hard before making this huge step. I would not give up our pets for anything in the world. But we have accepted that we have to find catsitters, have vet bills to pay, have pet hair all over the place and that some pieces of furniture or shoes have claw marks in them.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I used to laugh at people who said that their pets were like their kids and now I’m eating my words. I thought it was just from an emotional point of view, but it’s not just that. As you said, vet visits, claw marks, fur and toys everywhere… Pets need to be taken care of in almost the same way as children (it’s probably even more true for dog owners). Yes, they bring us an enormous amount of pleasure but we owe them the highest level of care!

  2. Oh, the pets that are being adopted during the pandemic will be with their guardians for a long time – don’t you worry about that. If you are able to read between the lines you will understand what I am saying.

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