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  1. Thanks for your comment, but if you read mine, you will see that the fear I described is on both sides of the divide. Politics can sometimes breed fear, as can many other things. I am not advocating one way or the other in my comment and I stand by it.

  2. Oh my…. What a timely passage by such a wise man! Our country (USA) right now is all about hatred and fear it sometimes seems. Many fear the rightful rage of the irate, the disenfranchised, BLack Lives Matter (THEY DO!!!). Many others fear that if the dictator comes back for another four years we will forever cease to be the country we thought we were.
    Thank you.

    1. I have found Janet’s blog to be very informative, quirky, fun and uplifting, and to bring into her blog a discussion about politics would be doing Janet a disservice

      Remember: When you introduce religion and/or politics, the discussion may quickly spiral downward. It’s always best to discuss religion on a religion-based blog/forum, and likewise politics on a politics-based blog/forum.

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