Brilliant ideas

So you can see if you have remembered to take your pills

Flip the back of the bench so you can choose which way to look

A toilet for children and adults

Call the lift with your foot

An easy way to see the temperature of the water

Lockable umbrella stand. No more dripping everywhere or walking around shops with an unwieldy brolly

Easy-to-carry pizza box

Adjust your shower without getting wet

Give to a taxi driver to get you back to your hotel

Toast your bread just a little more

Test your stroller on different surfaces

Parking guide

See easily which toilet stalls are vacant

What day of the week is it? The carpet in the hotel lift will tell you!

Weather report!

Nifty place to keep your gloves, scarf etc at a restaurant

Find loads more here

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  1. All of these are ingenious! My personal favorite was the elevator buttons – I legit thought that they were for mice – perfect height for them haha!

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