First long trip on the new Harley

Last week we went on a 1500km round trip south to Blekinge region in Sweden to visit my husband’s family. It was a beautiful ride, with only a couple of hours of heavy rain. Sweden is really beautiful in summer.

We stayed one night in a hotel on the way there, three nights with family, and one night at a hotel on the way back. We could easily work digitally when we had to, and COVID-19 precautions were outstanding. People were travelling, there were tourists, but everywhere you went there were both disposable gloves and disinfectant out which you were encouraged to use (and almost everyone did). People stood at appropriate distances and we kept distance to everyone at all times.

Jönköping, Lake Vättern

Jönköping, Lake Vättern

Halahult, Blekinge region







We didn’t pack much. One small dry bag and our necessary things in the saddle bags. We were away for 5 nights and I actually had clean clothes over!

Västervik — the best hotel art I have ever encountered! It was hand-done.

We did have a bit of rain on the way, but we had rain suits so you barely felt it. I always have my neckscarf up and my visor down so rain doesn’t even hit my face.


Halahult, Blekinge region

I think this is one of my most favourite photos ever. The look on my face as I gaze at this giant ball of cookie dough covered in coconut!

We each bought new hoodies when we bought the bike and I love mine. It is so nice and thick and warm.

And here are some videos

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