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I have written several articles on how we are working on art for our walls in our new apartment. We have managed in the rest of the house with what we had, but wanted something special for our bedroom

Our bedroom is very minimally furnished with a huge dark blue bed and two white bedside tables with white lamps. We did not want any electronics in our bedroom, so we each have an old fashioned alarm clock on our bedside table.

We wanted the art in the room to be the focal point without being too ‘busy’. We decided on black and white photographs of African animals. It was so hard to find what we were looking for without a price tag in the thousands for a single print.

A friend of mine suggested Posterlounge. Within about 10 minutes we had found what we wanted. Well, we found loads of things we wanted, but two of them jumped out at us. The price and the shipping cost were really reasonable and there were many options for size and mounting. PLUS, they came ready to hang, which I really like.

They came very well packaged and looked great on our wall. We chose wood mounting which was very light and a great choice for over the bed. We decided that when we got tired of those, we would buy something else from Posterlounge and switch things around.

After my original post, Posterlounge contacted me and offered me some art. I never solicit items from anyone but after I have bought and blogged about something, I am sometimes offered a discount or, very rarely, a review item.

I was absolutely thrilled at being able to choose another mounting style and size. Two mounting options that interested me were gallery print and canvas. In this case, I chose canvas – a large one in black and white, and a small one in colour.

They arrived last week and we were absolutely thrilled. Door to door delivery again, so no lugging anything around. Just as with the last order, the pictures were extremely well packaged. I know Sweden is not alone in sometimes battering parcels en route. But there is no way anything would have happened to this package. I have been REALLY impressed at how well they are wrapped because shipping prices were really reasonable.

I  doubt even the roughest handling would be able to affect this bad boy! Some of the best packaging I have seen
The cats have an inspection. Again, look at that packaging. The last delivery we had from Posterlounge was packaged just as well. Pictures are rather delicate but packaging like this means they arrive in pristine condition.
Perfect work
First look – isn’t it spectacular. It is by Johan Swanepoel, one of my favourite South African photographers. It is a canvas print, 150 x 100cm. Big, but very light.
Look at that detail!

And…another canvas, David Bowie. Also a canvas, but smaller. This one is 30 x 20cm. The cost would be approximately €20 – well worth it.

Ready to hang

The zebra is now above our bed as it is also light and won’t squash us if it falls off. The elphant and lion are on the facing wall. David Bowie is in my little Bowie Corner.


Posterlounge offers things for every room of the house and for every age and style. They also do calendars and colouring posters. The .com site is in English and the company is based in Germany but there are 14 different local domains that are in other languages. I used the Swedish site for my first order and it is seamless – everything was in Swedish, including all the information about the postal service. I didn’t even realise they were in Germany until the company contacted me.

They do loads of different sizes and mounting options. I am terrible with sizes and styles so I really like that they have good descriptions of everything.


I chose canvas print for these two, which is described thus. It gives you a good idea of what you are getting.

For my next order, I think I am going to try something small in a gallery print for my office.

I don’t want to go overboard on the African/Bowie theme at home but I really want these!

For anyone wanting to have a look, you can find Posterlounge here:

The inspirational images below are from Posterlounge’s social media, linked above. You can see how different styles in the same colour or the same styles in different colours can really make a room.

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