The biggest challenge I have always had in my homes is wall art. I have mentioned before that I can recognise good taste but I don’t have it myself. I walk into other people’s homes and love the art they have done with the art on their walls. They suit the art to the room, or have small displays of art on the walls – matching in theme or colour.

I, on the other hand, tend to hang whatever I have wherever there is a nail. My wall pictures are usually things people have given me, things I have made, art my daughter made for me when she was little.

This is what is hanging on our walls at the moment…

Bought from the artist in South Africa and framed in railway sleepers
Given to me by the artist, Michael Söderlundh, but badly framed by yours truly
A gift from a friend. By Meaghan Kehoe
From the artist, Henrik Samuelsson . This one is huge – about 2.5 x 2m
From the same artist as above
Bowie Cat – a gift from a friend

A couple of weeks ago I admired a glorious mural of green bamboo that one of my clients had on her wall. She told me it came from Posterlounge. I had been looking for black and white photos of African wildlife for behind our bed for ages, and was having difficulty finding something that was both nice and affordable. Immediately after the meeting was over I went to have a look. I fell in love with so many of their works. Look at these!

This one is going to be my next purchase for sure!

Then of course, being me, I had to look for David Bowie, and found these beauties

In the end, after much deliberation (there were so many nice things!) we bought two large photographs in black and white of an elephant and a lion for behind our bed. I will show you how they look once they arrive. I was really surprised at how easy it was to order large mounted pieces of art which would arrive ready to hang. Being ready to hang is so important to me because I find the framing or mounting process a chore. The site was also very clear about delivery times due to COVID-19. The photos are on the way and the tracking updates are really good.

I also loved this one for our living room, though even I realise it may clash with our present wall art. I have been considering buying very small versions of everything I fall in love with and putting them together as a little collection on my wall. Or would that be tacky?

After my post about my purchase from posterlounge the other day, posterlounge contacted me and offered me some art. As you know, I usually just buy things and review them like a regular customer, so a collaboration is very unusual for me. But I really love being able to browse themes, colours, artists etc, so I said yes.

I chose these two beauties – a small David Bowie and a huge Zebra, both canvases.

I like the fact that the site offers good sizing help and explanations of the different mounting options. They also do posters and wall stickers.

Two other features I would like though, are a ‘recently viewed’ option, because it is very challenging to ‘re-find’ things you have seen and liked. It would also be nice for people like me if there was a ‘if you like this, maybe you would like this as well’ option so you could get a nice theme going. I really do struggle.

There are 14 domains linked to, and everything is based and produced in Germany. If any of my readers find anything they like, please link to it in the comments below as I would like some more inspiration. I think I will be making another order for this lion picture, and something small for our kitchen.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Fantastic photography, just fantastic Janet! Also love the art for your lounge, quite peaceful that one. xx

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