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  1. Err yes! Being a French/English translator it’s quite easy. It’s a good exercise for the brain. I used to read long texts written in four languages and then rewrite them switching languages. I loved that game!

  2. Janet,

    Thank you SO MUCH for this graphic. Love love loved it!! I normally read very fast, and I think that if you read fast you can understand the words in this graphic better.

    I took French when I was 12 or 13 (so so long ago) and was delighted that I understood everything, save for 2 or 3 words.

    It was actually quite fun going from French to English and back to French and forward to English, etc. I only wished that most articles/books/magazines were written this way to really workout your brain – it’s calisthenics for the brain. Woot!!!!

    What would really be fun is something written (like the graphic) in French, Spanish and English. I took Spanish when I was in my late thirties (a little while ago), and would welcome the tri-language challenge!



    P.S. I took Mandarin in highschool, so yes, I very much adore different languages. I know how to say Thank You in a lot of different languages!

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