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  1. Janet, this question is random I know but I am hoping you perhaps know how long a cat remembers things. My cat has lived in a marvelous place for a cat since birth but we are having to move somewhere truly awful for both of us. How long will he remember this place and perhaps begin to adjust and accept his new surroundings and circumstances? I can’t bear to see him unhappy and longing for our current home. Thank you for any insight you may have to share.

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    • In my experience, cats adapt and make their homes wherever they are. They can have a new home with an old owner and the old home with a new owner and be quite happy. A new home with a new owner tends to be more of an adjustment. Cats like territory and smells so as soon as the new home smells like him, he will be happy. My cats are not in the best place for them at the moment but they are with us and have plenty of love so they are happy as clams.


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