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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Beautiful cat and a lovely story with a happy ending!

    A few years ago, a new local stray cat turned up outside our house. We have a number of “external” cats for whom we put out food. The new guy was a largish longhair tabby male, a bit moth-eaten but very friendly once he got over his initial distrust and skittishness.

    He looked a bit thin and matted, but seemed like such a nice lad that we found it difficult to believe he was really stray. So, once we had made his acquaintance, we put him in a carrier and took him to our vets. They scanned him and found that he was microchipped…

    Turns out:
    His name is Gus;
    He was previously a patient at our vets – they are a couple of miles away from us at the other side of town, and there are some big roads in the way…
    He used to live just across the road from the surgery, but somehow he got lost and then his owner moved to a village 50 miles away.
    He had been apparently missing, living life on the wild side, for 3 years!

    After a flurry of phone calls, his owner was tracked down through 4 or 5 intermediate steps including her new vet, and contact made…
    She still had Gus’ dam and one of his siblings. Last news we heard was that he had been collected (his owner zoomed up the motorway immediately she got the call) and taken home to be with the rest of his family.
    It still gives me a warm feeling, thinking about it – and I am still amazed, even now, that nobody had bothered to get him checked over and scanned for a chip in the 3 years he was lost!

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