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  1. This is stolen art/intellectual property,

    The actual artist & the appropriate creator of this enamel pin is Marimo (either on Etsy or their own domain)

    If you have the url for the ripoff wish (the vast majority of wish’s deisgns, like forever 21, topshop, etc. are stolen and without any remorse or recompense as the companies are only to make a VERY fast turnaround and profit. Depressing and upsetting.) pin, please send it to the artist so they can potentially litigate & have it removed?



    (if everyone took a minute or two to look for the original artist on the shirts, pins, totes, etc. they purchased cheaply from places like Wish, I think, perhaps, we’d have far fewer awful things like this happen. *sigh*)

    Apologies for sounding harsh. It’s just very upsetting.

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    • Thank you so much for letting me know Kelly. I have reported this to Wish, contacted the artist giving them the link, and will be buying a real one! I will also edit the blog article to reflect this new information. Janet


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