From South Africa

Photo by Jane Burnett

As we were travelling around so much I did not buy many things along the way. The things I did buy were things I really wanted though.

Some stones picked up on the beach at the Wilderness. A little skull and a heart/Africa

Some Aloe Ferox Mature skin cream from Albertinia, a tub of African Potato Cream from the Eastern Cape and a Big Five set of matchbox puzzles (I collect them) from the shop on top of Table Mountain.

Aloe Ferox is indigenous to South Africa and this brand is my absolute favourite. The packaging is nothing fancy and they are cheap (about $7 for a pot of moisturiser) but they really work well. I have pretty much used the entire range from the shampoo to the face mask and I love them all.

Here are some of my matchbox puzzles, collected over the years.

Greenaways Natural Herbal Moisturiser, 3 little bowls by ceramic artist Richard Pullen, and Rosewater by Marcel Pullen (Richard’s wife).

I also bought four t-shirts (mainly because I was running out of clean clothes!) from out of the way places along the way.

My cousin gave me this leather sandal keyring. I was delighted! It is a properly made little sandal, and I have been treating the leather with beeswax because it was dry and dusty when he gave it to me. It looks so nice now!

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