South Africa Day 3 – Cape Town

On our first day in Cape Town, the mountain had a tablecloth

Today we woke up early, ate a delicious breakfast of mostly popular South African dishes, and then headed for Table Mountain.

We were so lucky today because there was NO cloud cover over the mountain. Yesterday there was a tablecloth, and every other time I have wanted to go up the mountain there has been a tablecloth.

The wait was long (about 90 minutes) because it was early morning. Many people try to get up early so they can stay a while and also to take the opportunity while the mountain is clear, in case clouds roll in later in the day. When we left just after lunch there was almost no line at all.

The cable cars rotate so you have a good view. Each cable car holds 65 people and there are hundreds of litres of water underneath each car to act as ballast in windy weather and to provide water to the cafe and shop on the top.

The highest point is 1,086 meters (3,563 ft) above sea level. There are an estimated 2,200 species of plants on the mountain alone, many of which are endemic to the mountain and can be found nowhere else. Animals to be found on the mountain include a Dassie – the nearest animal relative is the elephant! (however it really looks like a big rat!).

We did one of the trails around the top of the mountain, had a delicious lunch in the cafe, browsed the shop and then came down again.


After that we went for a walk, explored the local supermarket for provisions for our road trip tomorrow, went back to the hotel for sundowners on our balcony and to the Waterfront again, where we ate traditional South African food.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Can’t wait until I can get home again and do the same or similar thing in SA. Let me know how things are back home. Enjoy the visit in CPT etc. Take care at home. Wish I were with you again.! Anne M Gieg (Edwards).

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