Most popular passwords in 2017


I am sure I am not alone in hating all the passwords one has to remember these days. Every single site I use regularly seems to require registration. And then there is the dilemma – same password for everything? (easy to remember but not secure) or different passwords for everything? (hard to remember but secure). Often they need to be upper and lower case and a mix of numbers and letters. I do most of my shopping online so the number of usernames and passwords I have to remember seems endless. Sometimes I end up having to change a password on my app and then I forget it and have to reset it on my computer.

Regarding passwords I have three in use at any one time – one for high security stuff (Paypal, Ebay, Gmail, the server at work), one for medium (Amazon, online shopping sites) and one for low (sites I register on but don’t use). I change the important ones once a month. I have a small nondescript notebook where important ones are kept, coded. also use LastPass and the Apple Keychain to remember ones I do not change so often. I clear all cookies regularly which means I have to re-enter all usernames and passwords fairly often.


Author: Janet Carr

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