I had a student once who hated mirrors in elevators. She said that she didn’t see the point. For me though, mirrors in bathrooms and elevators are a chance to check that I don’t have anything between my teeth, mascara smudges in snowy weather, a button accidentally undone, or hair flying over the place. The public toilet above, therefore, would be rather irritating for me if I wanted to check that I looked presentable. Does that have something to do with vanity?




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. No, Janet, it simply means you like to be well groomed and in your line of work that is understandable. My mother used to say”it’s not vanity to be clean, tidy and presentable, it’s merely self respect.

      1. Well,,I hate to think that you might feel you are vain. According to my hubby, who has to take my iPad to read your daily posts, he doesn’t subscribe himself because he’s the laziest email reader in the world., you are a intelligent, witty, beautiful woman. Self respect is a good thing.

      2. He thinks you are lots of fun, so do I. It’s a holiday weekend here. Have a nice weekend. He says hello, and you are welcome.

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