Update from Elrohir Leather – and photos!

It is well-known that I am a huge fan of Elrohir leather on Etsy. I have a gorgeous Field Notes cover by Mischa Rose, and three custom A4 covers. Mischa is amazing to deal with and feels like a trusted friend. She does everything by hand and keeps in touch every step of the way.

I know many of my readers of fans of Mischa  and her shop so I have put a little update from Mischa for you down below. I am not affiliated with the shop at all and don’t receive discounts or anything – I am just a regular customer like everyone else. I think her work is absolutely beautiful.

We are indeed open for Custom Orders!

Normally we discuss a design (and you can send me images or sketches), we agree the details of the design, and I will set up an Etsy listing for payment up front.

How long does it take? Nearly always around 8 weeks. We are always busy and you have to accept that the shipping date Etsy gives you is going to be fairly flexible, because we are always snowed under with work and some things take longer than I expect

What can we make? Pretty much anything in any size with any image–if you ask, I’ll see if I can make it possible. Generally we don’t work on anything smaller than Field Note size depending on how complex the images are, and usually the larger sizes are better. We can work from your artwork if you have some, and it doesn’t actually matter if you can’t draw well either

What do we not do? Boring brown stuff with people’s names on it, pastels or whites (it’s impossible to dye), and we won’t do anything that is racist, fascist, or that we really don’t like much (including nauseatingly cutesy stuff). It’s our brand on it after all, so we’d rather represent what we stand for.

We also won’t directly copy anyone else’s work or images unless you have permission to use the artwork–we’ve got caught out a few times recently when we have traced images back, so whilst we will look at other people’s stuff to get an idea of what you want, we won’t copy it.

How much do customs cost? Depends on the size, whether you want pockets or stitching, what inserts, and the complexity of the design and dyeing. In general though, a Field Notes or medium size book will start at around £50 upwards, and a larger one (B6/A5/Midori/Cahier) will start at £75 up to about £130 or so. We can do B5, A4, and A3 too.

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  1. Gorgeous artwork, high level craftwork!

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  2. I adore Mischa’s work and stalk her Etsy page shamelessly! I got a gorgeous A5 in her new mandala design the other day – green with orange patches.

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