I have a large Sephora near my office but – for the health of my wallet – I don’t go in very often.

I love Sephora’s own-brand products, their Beauty To Go sizes, their Korean beauty section, and their hair accessories. Their prices are not too high and I can always find something to try when I go in. One reason I stay away as much as possible.

If I have to buy a gift for someone who loves beauty products, I always get them a couple of small-sized products from the Beauty to Go section, and a Sephora gift voucher. It never fails to please.

Above are the three products I generally stock up on when I go in. The hand cream is nice, the wipes are gentle and work very well, and I used the sponge to clean my face in the shower every morning. It can be used with or without a cleansing product. There are three times – green tea, charcoal and natural. They also come in body and facial sizes.

I would like to explore some more of Sephora own-brand products such as other facial wipes (they have many different kinds), their face and hair masks, bath and body products, and their makeup tools.

Do any of my readers have any Sephora recommendations?

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  1. Sephora allows you to grab free samples, too! Next time you’re in, ask for a few of those. It’ll still keep your wallet happy, while you get to find what you like!

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  2. Dear Janet,

    why not buy PETA cruelty free products instead?

    Kat Von D or Too Faced @Sephora stores

    Love paws

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