Estate agent photographs

I have always harboured a little suspicion towards real estate agents, to be honest, because I have not had the best experience with them. BUT, they must encounter the weirdest things. Eccentric homes, strange decor, weird people, odd smells.

There is a site devoted to weird real estate. It is worth a read, if only for the captions. And here is another one with different categories.

Here are some gems!

A new kind of bidet?

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  1. I once went to look at a flat and commented how strange it was to leave the dog’s bone on the bed when they had a viewing booking, the estate agent then informed me that the owners didn’t have a dog!


  2. Yes! And the bloke peeping around the door …


  3. Those made me howl! There are some very dubious toilet ones, as well as the ones with people, um, doing things in the background …

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