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  1. Upon beginning a new teaching job I handed some handwritten papers to the school secretary, who immediately said: “Catholic school; right?” . When I confirmed the fact, she showed me a piece of her writing which was quite similar. The nuns knew how to get results.

  2. This type of post makes me sigh! 🙂 I appreciate good handwriting – mine is horrible!

  3. really good handwriting is much to be desired. i wish i could do it, i start out slow with the best intentions and then my writing just sucks. doctors are the worst i’ve seen. i’ve actually had scripts
    not filled because the writing could not be read. women seem to have much better handwriting.
    do they work harder at it or does it come natural….

  4. I truly love beautiful handwriting. I’m told that one of the secrets of good handwriting is to go slow and I start out with the best of intentions then find my hand and pen can’t keep up with my thoughts, and then the degeneration sets in.

  5. The old American ledger is beautiful and Stacey’s birthday message is good but I don’t much like the printing – very well done though it is. I spent a day in a local museum looking at letters written by Eric Gill the sculptor and stone carver. His handwriting is very good. I also looked at letters written by Edward Johnson who designed fonts and re-introduced the craft of calligraphy in Britain in the early twentieth century. One would think his handwriting would be splendid… but it isn’t.

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