TN covers from The Marbled Bee

I found The Marbled Bee on Etsy the other day and I really love these TN covers! Each one is unique and you can use either side as the front cover by flipping it to suit your mood. These are like something you could hang on your wall as art, they are just that beautiful! The inside of these covers are also marbled.

Lorraine is a new seller on Etsy but the name and her descriptions just have me sold! I like the idea of ‘when you see it, you will know’- one cover out of all of them just jumping out at you. I tend to shop like that – walk in and buy the one that speaks to me. If something does not leap out at me, I don’t buy anything.


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  1. Oh, these are sensational! I use ring planners but might cross the fence to the dark side just to use these. Wow!

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  2. Curse you, red baron, for your enabling! I ended up ordering one of these!

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