Jane’s Enigma TN charms

It’s no secret that I love Jane’s Enigma on Etsy. Cynthia’s covers and Tomoe River/vellum notebooks are works of art. And it is not surprising because she is a professional photographer so she really has an amazing eye. Here are my posts about Jane’s Enigma.

Cynthia has now start making Traveler’s Notebook charms. Naturally you can also use them as pendants, for keychains, handbag charms etc. But for TNs they are really nice because the lack of a lobster clasp means they won’t scratch the cover.

I have ordered this one because it matches my favourite photo from the notebooks that Cynthia includes with her covers. They have vellum front paces (not sure if you could call them frontispieces as they are on the other side) with her photography on it.

She also has these beauties. Some of them are in colourways that would really complement her ombre covers but they would go with almost anything.


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  1. Waaaaaahhhhh! I adore two planners I’ve had from Cynthia, but I doubt I’ll order more – the postage from the US is absolutely insane. It’d cost more than the price of the charm. Grrrrrr!

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