Nuuna Notebooks


Nuuna is a brand I have seen, but never used.

What I like about them is their 4mm grid, lay-flat binding and stunning covers, many of them limited edition. I like that the cover graphics usually go across the page edges in an unbroken line.

What has put me off until now is that the covers are either jeans label material, bonded leather, or faux leather, that the covers are thin and flexible, and that there is no closure elastic on the models I like.

The covers are very interesting and so stylish, with some of them glowing in the dark and changing colour when exposed to heat.



Glow in the dark to the left and colour-changing to the right








Click here for the nuuna-catalogue-2015-2016 and find the website here.




Glow in the dark
Glowing in the Dark
Changes colour with heat


All black with a nice closure strap

Here is the display of Nuuna notebooks in my local pen store. They have a huge selection, and the books are about half the price than anywhere else, which is very unusual for Sweden, which is usually pricier than other countries.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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