Stationery storage bags

I was given a hobby shop gift card by a client last year for my birthday. I was planning on using it to buy wool for knitting/crocheting, or some cross stitch/tapestry. I love doing needlecrafts, even though I am not very good at them – probably because I was forced to learn right-handed and I am left handed. I tried to change hands once I left school, but my left hand was not used to being used, so now I am good with neither.

In the end I decided, because I am on a ‘clear up clutter’ kick at the moment, to buy storage for my pens, notebooks, stencils, glue sticks, which are all over the place at the moment. This way I can get rid of the clutter, have it all in one place, and it is moveable from place to place (I have two big tables and three big desks where I usually work)

My main storage needs are for all my traveler’s notebook inserts, Post Its, and my ring binder inserts (particularly notepaper which I really go through at a rate of knots).

These are really nice. They came as a set with one being taller than the other. They both have loads of pockets,slots, zips and holding bands.













Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Janet, this bag is gorgeous. Where did you get it from? I only have a bag in bag, which is of course smaller, but keeps at least my ringplaner and the fountainpens plus all the other things one needs when en tour. But for at home to keep things in one place, the one you´ve got really looks as if it could be an ideal storage for more………….

    Best wishes,

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