Do you put your bag on the floor?


I saw this beautiful Mulberry on the wet and dirty floor of the Stockholm Underground the other day. It had been snowy and rainy so the floor was even more disgusting than usual. Don’t get me wrong, the trains are cleaned every day, but with millions of people using them and bad weather they get pretty icky.

Do you put your bag on the floor? I almost never do. On a train I have it on the seat next to me if the train is empty, and on my lap if it is full. At a restaurant it is either on a seat or hooked to one of the bag hooks that are usually under the table. If not, I use one of my own bag hooks. Same goes for toilets – always on a hook or on my lap if there is no hook. Yep, probably looks funny but I don’t care.

The only exception would be at work. If there is no spare place for my bag on a seat, then it goes on the floor. But this is usually carpet in a conference room or someone’s office so that I don’t mind.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Yuk! This is an obsession of mine (one of many) I do use the hooks on loo doors, I keep an eye on my bag of course. I have even put the handle of my bag round my neck in the absence of a hook! When eating out I must be able to hang my bag on my chair to avoid contamination from the floor or the ground! If I can’t do this then my bag is behind me on my chair.

  2. You should be careful when you use a hook behind a toilet door.
    There is a well known trick of either catching the handle or strap of the bag from the top of the door and then pulling it upwards. Or catching the handle of the bag, dropping it on the floor and catching it from underneath the door.
    Nobody here (apart from tourists) ever uses hooks as it’s the best way to get one’s bag stolen.

  3. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but to me bags are on a par with clothes. I would never put a sweater or coat on the floor. It’s not only common sense to keep bags clean, but it also prolongs their life. One exception though: sports backpacks and travel bags. I never heard of bag hooks like the ones on your linked post before, but I guess that’s one thing I’ll look for if ever visit Sweden.

  4. Two things. The first being hooks on the inside of the bathroom stall. A friend hung her bag on the hook and sat down only to see a hand come over the top and take the bag, and the hook – it was magnetized for quick removal. Bye, bye to all you can imagine was in her bag.
    And the second thing is people who pack their shoes right in along with their clothes. I’ve even seen adverts for things and there in plain sight is a pair of shoes sitting atop a dress or a pair of pants. Look at a street and just like the train floor, think of what your shoes have touched.

  5. My bags are seldom put on the floor, just at home at at my sister’s. The thought of a good leather bag on a mucky floor is unhygienic and shows no regard for your own possessions. Leather gets so stained by dirty water.

  6. No like you, on a rare occasion would I sit my bag on the floor. But, as you can see in the picture that looks like a man’s shoe and I think that speaks for itself.

  7. I *NEVER* put my bag on the floor… I had read a study a while back. In this study, they had taken a few well used handbags and cut a little portion off the bottom and they put it under the microscope and you would NOT believe the horrors they found on it… And if you think about it, many people who go to the toilet for example and put their bags on the floor might then put them on their dining room tables… Yuck, yuck, yucketty, yuck… So, no, I *NEVER* put my bag on the floor… It’s either on my lap or on the seat next to me…

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