Massdrop is a site where people band together online to buy popular niche items in bulk. This means that the more people that buy an item, the lower the price.



As MassDrop itself says:

Members purchase items on our site by participating in “drops.” Each drop runs on-average between 7-10 days and features different price points that will unlock depending on how many members participate— more participants means a lower price. 

Payment is captured when the drop ends. Massdrop then places the group’s bulk order with the vendor or manufacturer, who then prepares it for shipment to our warehouse (or in some cases, ships individual orders directly to participants). Once received, our warehouse team repackages the individual orders for shipment.

Massdrop Bazaar features some of the community’s favorite products from past drops.

Massdrop Bazaar is different from typical drops because we have inventory on-hand. This means that there is no minimum group size, funds are captured immediately, and there is no opportunity to cancel because of the quick turnaround. Orders typically ship within 2 business days of purchase. 

Most of the products featured on our site are chosen by the Massdrop Community.

Members can create Polls for products they would like us to carry. In these polls, other members can weigh in on the discussion and vote for the products they want the most. After the Poll results are in, our buying team will contact the manufacturer and attempt to organize a drop.

Products that are not chosen by Polls are recommended to us by manufacturers we have already established relationships with or are selected by our Buyers and Community Managers.

I am registered on Massdrop and I follow the Categories

  • Men’s Style
  • Everyday Carry
  • Writing

I receive regular emails showing me the new and popular drops in my categories. There are some really nice things that come up – leather bags, skin products, leather notebook covers, inks, pens and great offers on things I use, such as Leuchtturm and Rhodia notebooks. Of course I can always pop into the main page and browse if I wish.

As I was writing this, I went into the Writing category and this was what I saw, and why I love this site!




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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