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32115ac00c8753aaa46aa175515f2e97I watched two documentaries and a film about Steve Jobs on Netflix last weekend. I had always known the basic story but watching it in detail was very interesting.

Did you know

  • that Macintosh is the name of an apple?
  • the i in iMac, iBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc stands for ‘internet’?

It is probably very obvious but I had no idea! These days I think the letter e for electronic is used more to denote internet…. e-commerce, email, e-marketing, eBay, ebook. And the word cyber as well – cybercrime, cybercafe, cyber terrorism.




Say what you want about Apple, the time from when Jobs came back to Apple in the mid-nineties – which started with the iMac and then moved on to the iBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iWatch – was explosively innovative. He made computers pretty and intuitive and innovative. Macs were featured in every movie going at the time.



I have always used PC for work and Apple at home. I find Apple, though expensive, much more intuitive and stable than PCs. At home I have an iMac, three Macbook Pros, an AirPort, a Mac mini, Apple TV, iPod, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod Touch, 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and a Newton! I also have a little Nike/Apple gidget I used to fasten to my shoelaces to count my steps. The amazing thing? All of them still work, even the very old ones!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet
    I’ve watched Steve Jobs – The Billion Dollar Hippy on Netflix, what is the other one?

  2. Hello Janet, once again thanks for this type of post. I was never a lover of Macs in the early days. I always thought of them as gimmicky and expensive, so went along the Windows route, particularly as my personal interests were catered for by Windows software. In recent years, however, I’ve gone across to Apple starting with a Series 3 iPod. I now have iPhone 6, iPad and Macbook and I love the way they integrate together, well most of the time. They are hard wearing and certainly appear more robust than Windows computers. Once again I’m amazed at the Janet Carr collection. If you like something, boy do you go in big!!

    1. Ha ha, I never actually went in for a collection – for once in my life! One of the iPads and one of the phones is paid for by my work. One of the MacBooks was a castoff from someone and the other one is an upgrade. But the crazy thing is, everything still works! Unlike my old PCs which don’t. My most recent Macbook is the most expensive thing I have ever bought, apart from my house. But worth every single penny and more. I use it for everything!

      1. How do you get on with Apple TV? It’s something I’ve been seriously considering but I don’t know anyone who uses it.

      2. Steve, the Apple TV works great, I use mine for watching Netflix, You Tube etc. It’s also great for viewing photos which are resident on my iCloud account, music also. If you have a Mac or iPhone or iPad you can do ‘Airplay’ to the Apple TV to view things on a bigger screen.

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