Set Up of Custom VDS binder in blue Touch Me Leather

Beautiful blue Touch Me leather. Light and pebbly! Much lighter than the red LV binder I have been using
First go in all the credit cards, key cards, loyalty cards and coffee cards I use often, and the papers I carry with me. Behind the right hand secretarial pocket is a precious card someone send me recently
10 clear plastic envelopes and two credit card envelopes – stamps, clips, mini-Atlas, wifi passwords for the different places I work, notes
A precious dashboard that Courtney Diaz made me years ago
My translation hours. I work an 8 hour day and then I work between 4 and 5 hours translating. I don’t translate on Fridays because I teach for very long hours and my brain is unable to function.  I keep a record of what I am translating for each person and how many hours I work on each project. I also make notes of who contacted me and what is on the to do lists they have for me. This avoids too many people giving me too much work because they don’t know what else I am working on.
I have a map which I use to help brief people for trips abroad or meetings they may have where they need to know where everyone comes from.
Blank and lined paper
Daily to dos
Bookings schedule. Friday is washi’d out because I teach from early to late and am so exhausted I cannot take on any translation or extra teaching that day
Gorgeous matching flyleaf
Top view
People are always pinching my pens so I dab the ones that write nicely with nail polish so that people know not to take them.
I divide the different sections by means of clear rulers. These save space, are easy to navigate and I can see through them

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my new binder from Van Der Spek

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Is there any chance at all of a side by side comparison of this with your red “Louis Vuitton” leather? You mentioned this is lighter, but I’m wondering about bulk too. I know this leather is beautifully soft!

    1. By side by side I mean a top view of the binder standing up looking at:
      Binder back cover
      Binder front cover

      If that makes any sense whatsoever 😉

    2. It is actually less bulky because it is more ‘spongy’ in texture and has give. I can do a side by side comparison but the LV will have to be empty as I don’t have enough inserts to fill both of them. Will that do?

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