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Paperblanks makes a 10-year Journal (available with several different covers) in a display case which has the space and a cover folder for a special booklet that you create yourself.

Our 10-Year Journals offer an elegant solution to keeping track of highlights and landmarks, big transitions and cherished dreams, as well as art and photos. A classic family tree, dedication sticker, memento booklet and measurement chart all give a comforting sense of how deep our roots run.

Whether you are seventeen or seventy, your life is a treasure and so are your memories, which is why our 10-Year Journals are customisable for any decade of one’s life. We offer a downloadable milestone booklet on our website that can be printed off and inserted into the decorative folio that comes with every journal.

To begin, turn to today’s date and write in the year for the first entry. Here you can record accounts of the day; we’ve also added a family tree and 16 blank pages for longer entries. Fill in the first entry on every page until the end of the year and then begin again at the second entry for today’s date. Follow this pattern until the journal is full of memories.

The downloadables booklets are here


10year_all2 10year_contents 10year_insidefolio 10year_insidefolio2 10year_interior_layout

I bought one, not to use as a 10 year journal, but to help me keep track of the multiple projects I am trying to handle at the moment.

I have been finding that my VDS ring binder is not coping with the different demands of the different projects I am handling at the moment.

My to do lists are too long, too complicated and things I need to do are getting lost in the static. I am at present using three calendars in one binder, with separate to do lists, but even that does not help. Separating into different traveler’s notebooks does not help either. I need to see everything in one place.

Each day I receive tasks and queries for each project, and each day I have to create detailed to do and done  lists for each project.

My idea for this journal was to

  • put all my teaching and meeting times for each day into one square.
  • put each separate translation project into its own square.
  • personal chores (shopping, to dos) would go into a another square

That way I could keep everything separate and perhaps even write in different colours but still see them with one glance.

But what I am going to do now is do it in an A4 dotted Leuchtturm instead because it is cheaper and not dated, and there is more space to scribble. So this one will probably be going back to the shop.




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