Happy week everyone!



I hope all my readers had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead will be a good one for you.

I am heading into the week feeling as though I really achieved something this weekend. I made an effort to get all the small niggly little chores done – you know those ones that hang around in the back of your mind but are not totally urgent? The ones that give you a huge sense of relief when they are finally done?

  • Did a huge turn in the laundry room and washed all my curtains and bedlinen duvets and blankets), in addition to my regular laundry
  • Cleaned all my jewellery – both silver and gold
  • Cleaned all makeup brushes
  • I got all my paperwork done – things like sending Ziggy’s microchip information to the national register, sending out cards and parcels, finalising my will
  • Paid all my accounts – early this month!
  • Went through all my paperwork and threw out papers I know longer need
  • Finished a huge translation
  • Finished two books that had been languishing on my bedside table for months
  • Took a huge load of winter clothing to the homeless shelter
  • Took three huge IKEA bags full of things to the local homeless shelter charity shop
  • Put a bunch of things up for sale on our local equivalent of Craigslist/Gumtree

And on Sunday evening I went to a housewarming with my stepdaughter, her partner and her mum. Lovely evening with fantastic food (Chinese – my favourite!), loads of laughs, and love.

Strangely, for once I did not have that ‘Sunday feeling’. That feeling we all seem to get on Sunday, even if we love our jobs. Seriously, what IS that feeling? And why do so many people have it?

So this week started as though I had already achieved a huge amount. It can only get better from here!

Happy Monday everyone!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Janet,

    Just want to say that I really enjoy your posts! (I have decided that I am going to tell people I enjoy their posts instead of just thinking it!)

    Cheers, Di (Australia)

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