Filofax Classic Mashup – the red-toned colourway



I have written about my Filofax Classic Mashup before. I have the multi-coloured one (below), but have never seen red-pink toned one, apart from the Filofax stock picture above.


Well, I found out yesterday that Marian C-I has the pink-red colourway which is super-rare. Marian actually ordered the one like I have, but was sent the red-toned one in error. What a stroke of luck.

Only 25 of each of these were made, so they are really hard to find.  Maybe one day I will be lucky!

Marian thank you so much for letting me share your photographs! This is the first real life one I have seen, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with my readers!




Author: Janet Carr

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