Efva Attling jewellery


Efva Attling is one of Sweden’s leading designers.

I think her jewellery was the first Swedish jewellery I bought. Here is my friend Marie in Efva Attling rose petal earrings and necklace


Efva’s site says: Efva Attling was born in Stockholm. She made her first piece of jewelry when she was only eleven years old. By the age of sixteen she was a pupil of one of Sweden’s greatest silversmiths. When Eileen Ford spotted her, a twelve year long modelling career began. Efva worked as a model in Milan, Paris, London and with Ford Models in New York, but she wanted to change her career, and so she did.

Having music in the family and in her heart, Efva started a band in 1981, called ‘The X Models’. The band had a hit ballad in the 80´s, “Two of us”, which Efva composed. While she kept on writing, singing and releasing records, she was also working with design in different projects. Efva has designed clothes for big, international brands such as Levi’s and H&M, and she also had her own line of maternity wear – “Pretty Pregnant”.

In the year of 1996, Efva went back to her origins: working with silver, gold and precious stones. Efva’s specialty is playing around with words and expressions. This gives the jewelry yet another dimension, ‘as I used to write lyrics, I still want to move people with words. I call my design “Beauty with a Thought”, she says.

Here is my Efva Attling jewellery


From left to right: The Square, Wide & No Signature, and From Here to Eternity in wide and narrow.
Left to right: Homo Sapiens (I have two of these and have shown here that they have Homo on one side and Sapiens on the other. I wear one as a pendant on a chain and one as a ring), Pencez De Moy, and a large Amor Vincit Omnia that I wear as a pendant, though it is actually a ring.
Two gold Beginning rings that can be worn as rings or as pendants. The one has diamonds and the other one is plain.


Efva has a nice website, which ships internationally and you can use Paypal if you wish. If jewellery is not your thing, she also designs crystal glassware, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, dog accessories, perfume and cleaning products for her jewellery.

Her items are not the cheapest but there is always something on at least 50% discount.



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