Jane’s Enigma Tidepool traveler’s notebook

I have written about these before here. I love them to absolute bits and this one just cemented that opinion! I am waiting for a wide regular size to become available and then I am going to pounce!

Find Jane’s Enigma here on Etsy





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  1. So gorgeous! *Mutters darkly again about postage from the US*

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  2. They are beautiful. They make me miss the ocean even more! 😦

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  3. Love it! I ordered a regular wide like this two days ago 😀😀😀

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    • Oooh Audrey you lucky thing. Let me know what you think when it comes! I like that the leather is 9 oz or so, and of course teal and aqua are my favourite colours!


      • I found this shop “by accident” when I was just browsing… Immediately fell in love with the colours! I have never had a notebook from this shop before, but I have a feeling it might become my favourite! I’m usually not a fan of stiff leather, but I’m hoping it will get a bit softer with use. Could not resist those colours though!

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      • She has a fantastic reputation, is lovely to deal with and those colours are to die for! I think artisans like that really deserve to have their names out there.



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