Lush ‘Roxanne’

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I posted earlier this week about my day and many people (surprisingly many actually – both in real life and on social media) commented on this bag.

I have two genuine Mulberry Roxanne bags in Oak Darwin leather and I can say that neither of them have ever garnered as many compliments as this Lush one always does.

When the Roxanne first came out I loved the style but was not sure I would get along with the multiple straps and flaps, the boxy shape and the shorter straps. So before investing in a real one, I bought an inspired version from Lush to use for a few months and see how I got along with it.

The Lush ones were not sold as mirror copies and have no logos on them. The style, however, is almost exactly like the Roxanne. When I found out that it worked for me, I bought a Mulberry one, which I used constantly for a year and have used frequently since then. When the Darwin leather was discontinued I bought another Roxanne second hand as a backup.

But I have kept these two bags because, despite the fact that they are copies, I love love love the colour and the leather. The leather is thick ‘chewy’ leather, repels rain and has worn beautifully. The colour is a warm reddish brown.

I actually prefer this leather to the genuine Mulberry Darwin. I prefer the colour, it is much thicker and more durable and has held up better to wear.





And here are my real ones


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