Clinique GWP (Gift With Purchase)

The only thing I was not keen on in this set of products is the screechingly loud pink lipstick

I tend to have lists of go-to products from big beauty houses and when they have good GWPs, I buy. This means I get products I would have bought anyway but then have an extra bonus of small sizes of old favourites or products I have wanted to try.

Clinique has always been a leader in gifts with purchase. Instead of doing what most of the other brands used to do (and what some of them still do), which is to stuff the little toiletry bags full of hideous colour makeup from previous seasons, and products that weren’t selling, Clinique included present-season colours in their makeup and best sellers and new products in the beauty product offerings. This meant people could then go out immediately and buy full sizes of the products they had been able to try out in their Bonus Time promotions.

I am not a Clinique devotee but I really like some of their products. I like Take the Day Off Cleanser, Clarifying Lotion 4 (when it is hot and my face is shiny, oily and threatening to get spotty), Seven-Day Scrub Cream, and Dramatically Different Moisturiser. In the  makeup selection Clinique put into their Bonus Time promotions, they have nice eye shadows and blusher. I seldom wear any makeup beyond eyeliner and mascara though so I stick to the small sizes that come in the GWPs. One of the best lipsticks I have ever used was called Bamboo Pink and came in a Clinique promotional bag. I went straight out and bought two more!

The little makeup and toiletry bags that the GWPs usually come in I use for pencil cases or to keep my makeup in my handbag. When they get tatty I can then just toss them out.

Clinique also had lovely hair products but I don’t think they make them anymore.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m not one for bright either but you can wear them with lip balm and tone them down a bit. I think they look great when you just take them and do a hint of the colour.

  2. The only time I buy Clinique products is when they have GWP. I always find that the lipsticks though are either bland/neutral or so bright and outlandish. (At least here in the states) I just received one in November and the lipstick was BRIGHT RED, which I will never wear. I like red lipstick on other people but not on me, for some reason I feel so self-conscience. (BTW I wouldn’t wear the pink one you received either 🙂

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