A tribute to Diesel


I have written about Animals in Service before, as well as 9/11 search and rescue dogs. There have always been animals in war as well as in crime prevention – horses, pigeons, dogs – and millions of them have died in the process. Fighting battles that are not their own. There are tributes to them in several countries in the form of memorials, but I think we don’t remember them enough.

Today I would like to pay tribute to Officer Diesel, the highly decorated seven year-old Belgian Shepherd who this morning went first into the building in Paris where the mastermind of the Paris massacre was hiding. She did so in order to sniff out booby traps. Unfortunately the suicide bomber inside detonated an explosive vest and Diesel was killed.


I don’t usually share bad news about animals but in this case I would like all my readers to hug their animals and/or think a moment about Diesel and all the animals in service today in the fight against crime and terrorism.

They are always so close to their handlers to whom they are a partner, a friend, a colleague and a member of the family. My thoughts go out to their handlers tonight also.

Thank you Diesel and I hope you are chasing butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace.

Sweden has just raised its national security level to 4 on a scale of 5. We are living in a changing world, sadly. Stay safe everyone!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. To be more precise Diesel was killed by a Brenneke and not an explosive vest as she (Diesel) entered the flat about 20 minutes after the kamikaze detonated her explosive vest. It was one of the other 7 terrorists who shot the poor and courageous Diesel.

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