Conrad’s Five Year Diary

This one was an eBay find for £10 from the UK. I was the only bidder. Sadly (or happily for me, I suppose) I am usually the only bidder and they go for far lower prices than they should, given the quality and rarity. I guess they are not trendy.

The auction was restricted to the UK but as almost always happens, I asked and the seller agreed to post to Sweden. I think they can see I am a longtime member (since 2003) and have 100% feedback so they take a chance on me. Incidentally, almost all my feedback praises my prompt payment. Sellers must have HUGE problems with slow payers.

This one is probably the most beautiful one I have bought. It is much older than the average ones I find and is in the most divine leather with gold tooling and details. The lock is pure quality. The only other lock like this I have seen is on Smythson’s now-discontinued pink Dreams and Thoughts journal which cost £240 new.

It is also much bigger than the ones I usually find, and square! I love that as it has more space in it but is still portable.

Still in the original box, which is in very good shape all things considered.


It still has the original tissue paper and key. With this kind of lock, each key is made specifically for each lock.
Look at those colours! Rich brown, black with gold tooling.
My photo is a bit blurry so here is one from the original auction.
My photo is a bit blurry so here is one from the original auction.








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