Matching Edwardian vintage chatelaine pencil

For the past four years I have been using this pencil every day. It is a commemorative Edwardian pencil which takes 2mm lead (I love this size of lead), is nice and compact, and works like a charm – even after more than 115 years.







My version of a chatelaine. It holds all my stationery needs and is also a keyring.

Last night I was browsing Etsy for antique diaries and followed a link to this fascinating shop. And I almost fell over when I saw what looked a pencil set matching mine in the sidebar. If it was not part of a matching set, I am sure they were produced at around the same time. I am so thrilled because I use my pencil all the time!

I am a longtime member of Etsy and it has been so disappointing to see resellers, drop shippers and mass-producers come in by the gazillions, swamping the small genuine craftspeople looking for a small storefront to display and sell their creative works. But if you really meander down the small virtual Etsy corridors lined with small vintage shops, bric-à-brac, and genuine artisans, it is still heartwarming to meet and deal with people who have passion for and knowledge about what they are selling. And you can really find some amazing stuff at really good prices if you scratch around regularly and are quick – just like in the open-air or bricks and mortar stalls.

Thank you Sally for the fantastic communication and this brilliant piece of history. Review and more pics to come when I get it. These pics belong to Sally.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I would love a ‘real’ chatelaine…yours is a fabulous creation…..but those pencils……..😍 swoon.

    1. Aren’t they gorgeous? I am so pleased I found the second ones because I have been using the first one for years now. It will be nice not to have to sharpen on the run. I can just change to a sharp one.

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