Movie Recommendations – Overboard and Galaxy Quest

These are movies that I have watched over and over and still love.

Firstly, Overboard. This is a movie that, if you pick it to pieces, has problems. But put all those pieces together and it is magical. A real feel good movie for when you have had a bad day. Goldie and Kurt have now been together for going on 35 years and you can see they had a whale of a time playing opposite each other in this movie.



Then, Galaxy Quest. I always love Alan Rickman but he is extra brilliant in this movie. This is both a tribute to and a spoof of Star Trek. If that sounds icky to you, have a read of what Star Trek actors had to say about it (taken from Wikipedia)

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.22.51 PM


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  1. I have liked Rickmansworth since his performance of The Reverend Slope in Trollope’s Barchester Xhronicles on BBC TV viewers. It doesn’t hurt that as a young man he was sinisterly handsome. He has aged well too. Lol.


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