Burde Interplano 46 Regent inserts

img_6163 People often ask me about the inserts I always use in my personal/medium/standard sized binders, because they are quite unusual and very well designed. They are compatible with any binders that fit Filofax personal size inserts. They are Burde Interplano 46 Regent refills and are vertical Week on Two Pages:

  • the time is marked off in hourly blocks from 8am to 7pm but there is space to start earlier and finish later
  • there are several spaces for notes (one line at the top of each day and several lines at the bottom
  • there is a quote by a famous person each week. I find them quite inspiring because you tend to think about them, seeing them every day as you do and they are often very wise and give you something to think about
  • you do not need a page marker or Today marker with these inserts as there is a perforated corner each week which you tear off when the week is over. This means that the pages always fall open on the relevant week
  • the days are numbered
  • the weeks are numbered

I think Burde is a Swedish brand and these are, as you can see, in Swedish. 91460315

Author: Janet Carr

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