Boerboel Facebook Groups

If you need advice about your Boerboel or are interested in buying one and looking for a recommended breeder, here are the Boerboel groups on Facebook of which I am a member. Naturally there are many more, but these I can recommend.

Because the Boerboel is a newish breed and newly trendy, there is politics and some arguing in these groups. But if you stay out of the fray, there are lots of kind, knowledgeable people, fantastic photos and plenty of help and advice for just about everything.

If you do search for Boerboel groups you can generally tell by the size of the group and a quick look at the members if it is a good one. Once you are in the groups you will notice the active members who have a good reputation and are helpful and knowledgeable. Shady breeders are soon called out and all the good breeders tend to be a member of several groups. They also often have their own pages.

For example:


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  1. Hi how you I’ll like to know I got a boerbeol mix pitbull his name is puma and his only 6 months old but he bites and crys a lot don’t know if its the heat or what could it be he got his food and water there so maybe you help me stop the biting and moarning my names Ali

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    • Hi, i grew up with boerboels and i still do, my mother is very good with these dog stuff.. what i think it can be is because his a cross breed… but you can ask many of these groups from above… makulu laanie warrior is my dog(BJL boerboels) so if you dont think its because of what i said then you can ask on these groups above many of them will have an awnser

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  1. Boerboel Index | Janet Carr @

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