Fluffy Facial Expressions

My younger cat (4 years) has the most expressive face. Probably because he has big round eyes and mega-whiskers which make him look like a little old man.

When I came home early one day and he was attacking the paper towel
Having taken over a box
In his hammock
After running amok in the tissue paper I stuff into my handbags
Sleeping in the basin
Surveying his toys
Washing his butt at 3am (it’s light because it is midsummer in Sweden and he swings on my blackout blinds, causing them to open)
After I told him to stop washing his butt while I was trying to sleep
After I told him to stop washing his butt while I was trying to sleep


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, Can I ask what you have in the printer’s tray on your wall in these pictures? We have one of those and it’s full of thimbles which was my Mother’s collection. I also have a spool cabinet with 8 drawers full of thimbles.

    Peggy Love

  2. What a handsome cat. In England he’d be called. British Shorthair, I wonder what they are called in Sweden. My sister has a female like him, and her brother an enormously hairy thug of a tabby. He thinks he’s a yoga master, lying on the floor with his head in one direction, front paws in the opposite direction, his body flexed around so his back paws face away from the fronts. He also likes to open her knicker drawer and lie on top. I suppose the soft cotton is comfy.

    1. In Sweden they are called ‘farm cats’. I love black and white cats yet when I worked at a shelter in the UK many years ago they were the hardest to home as they were too ‘ordinary’

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