Please send thoughts and wishes for my niece Kat

Kat is my niece – my sister’s daughter. I met her in 2012 when she was researching our medical history the first time she had breast cancer. Six months later my sister made contact with me so it is through Kat that my sister and I are learning to know each other. I have watched Kat travel this hard road – positive, upbeat, a fighter every step of the way. I am grateful and yet so very angry that this illness is what brought us together. Kat has been a role model for me in how to deal with hardship with a smile and a positive attitude and I have wished so much that I could take her suffering away.  I have been unable to do this so I am hoping for good vibes, prayers, best wishes and good karma from as many people as possible so that Kat can go home to South Africa and say goodbye to her family.


In Feb. 2012 Katherine “Kat” Best was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer , an aggressive fast growing cancer that very little is known about. After many sessions of chemo and radiation AND a mastectomy, all traces of the cancer were gone

Kat lived cancer free for 3 years. This past December she developed a cough and Feb found a lump in her neck. Her oncologist immediately sent her in for a petscan and a biopsy. The Triple Negative Breast cancer had returned.

As a last hope Kat went to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago. After 4 chemo sessions there they realized it was not working. The cancer has spread and her lungs and lymph nodes and is more aggressive. She is now on last round of oral chemo just to buy her some time.

The time she needs is so she can fly back home to her native country of South Africa and say good bye to family she hasn’t seen in 10 years. We literally have weeks to work on getting her there as once the oral chemo is done she will start to get worse.

Go Fund Me campaign to get Kat home

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m so sorry. Triple-Negative is what ended the life of my cousin several years ago, shortly after her 40th birthday.

  2. This is so tragic, and my heart goes out to you and Kat and all those who love her. I went to the GoFundMe site you linked to, and it’s easy, safe and encrypted to donate any amount you can spare. This beautiful lady will be home in no time by the looks of things, and I’m honored to have had a tiny small part in it. Blessings to Kat, and to all her loved ones, for strength and peace.

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