A trade about to happen between Nati and I

A nice way of getting to know people and finding special binders is to trade. The best way to trade is to make a simultaneous Paypal transaction for the value of the binders being swapped. That is you each pay each other the amount of the binders. This way if someone does not honour their swap you can claim back from Paypal. Once you know someone it is generally no problem but please always be careful if you are dealing with someone for the first time that you do not know very well. I am an admin for 6 Facebook groups and believe me, fraud and problems happen often enough for us to always encourage you to take the extra step to keep yourself safe. For the same reason, when purchasing items, always use the Goods and Services Option and not the Friends and Family option. This way, if something goes wrong, you can open a dispute within 45 days. If the dispute is not settled you can then escalate it to a claim.

At the moment I am in a trade with the lovely Nati, and because we know each other well, we do not need to ‘insure’ our trade via Paypal. I have bought some of my amazing things from Nati – my Rose Classic Filofax and my Authentic Models Travel Wallet for example. She also gifted me a stunning Cross organizer and a grey kitten bookmark. She is so very kind.

Anyway, Nati will be getting my pink A5 Classic Filofax and I will be getting her white Pineider envelope binder.




















Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have four almost new Filifaxes (a personal Original in black, personal Malden in purple, and personal Finley in black) that I no longer want.
    I don’t even want money for them, just hate to see them not being used. Any advice about finding them new homes?

    1. Are you in the Filofax Facebook groups? you could donate them there. Or if you like I can do it via here in a post. That is so kind of you by the way!

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